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Tooth veneers


Tooth veneers Case Study 1

This 22 year old patient had a history of a fall as a little girl at school, resulting in a luxation injury -this is when the tooth moves out from its original position. It was replaced back into its socket. Over the years the tooth had received a lot of treatment and the end result was something the young woman was not proud of. We constructed a veneer for the single tooth.

It was difficult to mask the heavy discoloration however the final result made the patient happy.

In her words “I can have a social life now”.

 Tooth veneers – Case study 2

This young lady was not happy with her front teeth and the midline gap. The unsightly gap was closed with the help of Veneers. They were shaped to match her facial profile.

In this case Non-prep veneers were used. They do not involve any tooth preparation, in other words the teeth are not ground down to make space for them. They were cemented on top of her own teeth like the way contact lenses fit the eye.

Gum (Gingival) veneers

This patient was referred to us for the treatment of advanced gum disease and severe recession of her gums. After the gum treatment the ravages of the disease left her with long teeth and unsightly gaps between the teeth.

The patient was desperate to keep her teeth for which she had had the gum treatment but at the same time she did not want the gaps. The remedy for this situation is silicone gingival veneers. Not all labs make these.It requires the expertise of an experienced clinician and just as important a good lab technician too.

The end result was a beauty to behold.

Prior to treatment: Gum recession making the smile


Custom made flexible gum veneers in both the Upper and Lower jaw, giving a natural gum look.