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Case of over closure

This patient came to us with heavily worn down back teeth. This had resulted in the over closure of the front teeth, so much so that the lower incisors were impinging and traumatising the gums behind the upper front teeth. This was causing her discomfort and she therefore wanted a cost effective and long term solution.

Following detailed analysis and discussion, the patient was provided with crowns for the back teeth which would not only protect them but also increase the mouth opening to a degree that would prevent the lower front teeth from touching the gums behind the upper incisors. This helped to protect and heal the palatal gums. The Patient is now able to lead a comfortable life. Sometimes it is necessary to correct a deep bite which is causing no discomfort, but could be shortening the life of the upper front teeth by eroding away the tissues.

Pre-op photo showing lower teeth completely hidden by the upper anterior teeth: A severe deep bite

Post treatment: The upper teeth no longer cover the lower teeth completely. The bite has been opened, the lower incisors no longer impinge on the soft tissues of the roof of the mouth at the back of the upper front teeth.

Case of Apicectomy

This was a case of an infected upper left lateral incisor tooth. Despite having had root treatment with his dentist in the past the infection had re-recurred and developed into a cyst in the jaw involving the root tip where the infection had escaped.

Following a detailed discussion with the patient it was decided that the best way forward was to surgically approach the problem as re-doing the RCT would be fruitless as his dentist had done a good root canal treatment. The cyst was approached by cutting the gums around the root area, the cyst was removed and the bony defect was filled with artificial bone-a bone graft. This was done to enable the bone defect to refill with the patient’s own bone much sooner.

The case was successfully completed without the need to change the existing crown. The patient was very pleased with the outcome. The sequence of pictures and x-rays demonstrate start to finish steps 1 to 4.

1. X-ray of the tooth before 


2. Bone defect left behind following the removal of the cyst     



3. Bony defect filled with artificial bone      


4. X-ray after treatment showing complete resolution of infection leaving behind healthy tissue