Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

We have received a number of patient testimonials. 

Implant Testimonials


I have been more than satisfied with my implant treatment. Everything is explained beforehand. The treatment is painless. I have had a lot of work done and I am not frightened of coming to a dentist anymore! The girls are kind and friendly. I am in the process of having my teeth whitened and I am delighted with the progress.
Mrs R Levi

Excellent implants, excellent service, excellent people. Thank you so much for all the confidence you have given me, being able to smile again. Many thanks to all. Thanking you always.
Mrs E Schofield

Although I had been terrified, you both put me very much at ease and it was all so painless!! Thank you.
S. Yeadon

Amazing results. I am so pleased with my implant treatment.The procedure was much less scary.
L. O Malley

How I smiled with confidence now. Implants are worth sitting in the dental chair. The cost is not of importance. I am sure her majesty noticed my beautiful smile when I received my MBE at Buckingham place . Thanks to Sunder and to everyone at Pudsey Implant Centre
Jean Walker MBE

Had implant fitted 6 months ago. Fantastic advice, guidance given all through the 3 stage procedure + no problems. I would recommend the lovely team to all. Life of food enjoyment returned. Many thanks
Farida Desai


Bone grafts

I am so pleased that I final got to see Vandna and Sunder. Wish I had come here long ago! Indifferent and patronising dentistry over the years left me fear and bad gum disease. Vandna has inspired confidence, and has done wonders for my gums. You should see the effect of my bone graft – what a difference!! I am now due to receive implants. Thank you
Carol Morgan 


Crowns, Veneers & Advanced Restorative Care

Veneers: Highly delighted with the results my veneers are absolutely beautiful thank you so much for your dedication and patience.
Tracy James

Crown Upper front teeth: New smile: 15 years in the waiting –2 weeks here and job done! Excellent job
Emily Farlam

Crown Upper front teeth: You guys are great! I had such a laugh through something totally unpleasant! Best dentist and dental nurses ever! EVER! LOL !
Shiona Maisey


 Periodontal Testimonials 

I came to Dr V Dharmar with a very bad case of gum disease caused by years of neglect and indifferent Dentistry. A couple years of hard work later, the disease is halted and I can even begin to make decisions about cosmetic improvements. The turnaround due entirely to Dr Dharmar’s expertise and determination. To any prospective patients I would say follow Vandna’s instructions, stick with the treatment- it won’t be fun- and don’t despair. To Dr Dharmar, I say thank you- for your patience, encouragement and good humour, and above all for your skills. Thank you.
Jonathan Litherland

I have had gum problems for over 20 years; my gums were often swollen and sore and were pulling back from my teeth. I was referred to Vandna and was so pleased to meet a dentist who understands. She is so patient explaining what the process is, which puts you at ease. Vandna is a lovely caring lady and you will not regret being referred here. I promise you that I can smile now. My teeth and gums feel so clean and healthy. I wish that I had met Vandna years ago.
Heather Thomas

Before I came here for  treatment, my gums were in a terrible state but thanks to Dr. Vandna, 2 visits later my oral health has improved a lot and I no longer have bad breath or bleeding gums. I truly value and appreciate Dr Vandna’s help. It has motivated me to keep up with my oral health.
Sidra Rehman

Just to say a big thank you for your care and thoroughness. I am always so tense and anxious (fearing your next word!) when I visit which perhaps is not obvious, but I do very much appreciate what you are doing for me. I just wish that I had found you earlier. Thanks too to your husband for his advice and encouragement over the telephone a few weeks ago which was a great support. Great service!
Julia Kendall

I started to see Dr V. Dharmar some years ago when my gums and teeth were in a very poor condition. She has worked miracles. I then had Orthodontic brace treatment at the age of 49 years for 6 months. My teeth are so much better. Thank you for solving my teeth.

Thank you so much for the wonderful care and attention you have given me. My gums are 110% improved since I have received your treatment. Thank you Dr V Dharmar.
E Simpson

Dr Vandna is an excellent professional, the best Periodontist that has ever treated me. There is no friendly bias. Her work has been brilliant. Thanks a lot!!
Dr. Mariano Raiz

A Big Thank You for your excellent service. I didn’t know that there was someone who specialised in
Gums!! And was able to help me more. Thank you once again.
Suzanne Ainley



Please accept my very grateful thanks for you kindness in arranging the repairs of my denture. I can’t tell you what a relief it was as I was feeling rather vulnerable. I wanted you to know how your care and kindness to me over the years is very much appreciated, as in the thoughtfulness and Jayne and of course Mary whose help and support has been incalculable. Once again many thanks and if I’m still around in a year’s time I would be so pleased for an appointment.
Ms Marie Goldthorpe

Just wanted to say massive thanks for everything you have done for me in the past and the fact that you continue to be so fantastic at what you do. It almost makes coming to the dentist pleasurable. Big thanks to you all.
Paula Barton

Lower metal denture excellent, fit is so comfortable. Implant and crown excellent match and so good it feels like a real tooth (without the pain). Very professional treatment in friendly caring atmosphere.
Mary Vare


Root Canal Testimonials 

Thank you so much for what you have done to my gums and the root canal treatment that saved my tooth. I’m so pleased to have found a Dentist that I can trust. You have done wonders for me.
Mrs A Ingham.

Thank you so much really appreciate everything you have done for me. I almost lost hope. Thank you for your care and concern. Much appreciated.
Azara Iqbal


Painless injections 

An as experienced anaesthetist I can only offer my congratulations. Very painless!! Thank you
Mr Stanley Myers

New buzzy bee injections were fantastic and almost pain free. I would recommend it
Ms K Varley

Most gentle dentist- never gives any pain-very professional. Good service.
C Thrippleton

Thanks for a near painless experience and out in one-go. Thanks a lot.
Julie Harrison


Teeth Whitening 

I had my teeth whitened and am so happy with the results, they look great. I’ve also had my front teeth resurfaced and they look nice and natural. The staff are friendly. I literally enjoy visiting the dentist. In the short time I have been coming I have been more than satisfied.
Mr Stead

I am so pleased with the results of the teeth whitening. I never thought after all these years that they could be so much whiter and without any sensitivity at all.
Ms. Lesley Noble

Amazing is the word that springs to mind every time I look in the mirror and see my lovely white teeth which were grey in colour so thank you very much.
Ms. J Garwell


Snoring and jaw pain and headaches 

The SCI fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. It has almost eliminated the jaw pain I was having and the tension headaches. My teeth are also a lot less sensitive as they are no longer grinding together or clenching. Don’t need to wear all the time now just at stressful periods. It doesn’t look too bad either!!
L Noble


Wisdom Teeth 

I had two wisdom teeth extractions and Periodontal treatments with Dr Vandna, all done quickly and professionally. She is kind and empathetic, I’m glad that I had the opportunity to have my treatment done with Dr V Dharmar. Thank you, I cannot recommend you highly enough, if you need gum treatment you must see Dr Vandna Dharmar!
Ms L Clark

I’ve had my upper wisdom teeth extracted very worried, no pain, no fuss, quick all done in 15minutes. Fantastic team, very kind and caring. Thank you so much.
Ms. Julie

The procedure went very well- I hardly felt a thing- and the other nurse and Mr Dharmar were both first class. I was particularly pleased with the way things were explained to me as and when they occurred, so I knew what was happening. The wound has now started to heal well and I’ve hardly had any pain. I would be grateful if you could show this email to the team who carried out my operation.
A Redfearn

Being a big scary cat as I am I was really frightened of having my lower wisdom tooth surgically removed, but it was brilliant. Minimal fuss, fantastic service, trust me I’d tell you IF I thought they were rubbish but they are amazing. I’m very thankful. Don’t worry if you need tooth extracted.
S Thorpe